A Digital Agency

We provide reources to help our government’s journey towrds governing in the digital age.

Forward Thinking

Will assist our politicians and local MPs broaden their global future perspectives. 

Problem Solvers

Providing technical  skills to handle the challenges of the globalised world

Customer Support

Assisting our MPs find  the necessary accurate info to assist them discharge their duties

Our Story

The main idea behind the formation of the Somali School of Geovernment is to give the Somali leaders, parliamentarians and all those who are involved in goverment businesses and the State bureaucracy, the opportunity to extend their knowledge in civics and the modern mechanics of government in the 21st century. Running a government is a very complex and requires not only a formal education, but constant updating and staying in touch with the latest thinking in national, regional and global politics.

  • How many students attending school 70%
  • How many students graduating from school 60%
  • Students dropping out of school 50%
  • Students providing benefit for the community 80%

Mohamed Ibrahim

Founder...Somali School of Goverment.

mi2  Former Somali Minister of  Posts &Telecommunications, currently focused on the provision of civics education to the Somali parliamentarians. Phase two of this project is to expand this resource into the wider Somali community.